Air Taxi Cargo And Passenger Service

Movement of high priority cargo, documents, and packages - plant to site

Property or site inspections and surveys

Passenger transport between locations not served by other air carriers

Sightseeing tours to specific locations

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Experience And Equipment

Aero Optic, Inc. has been in operation since 1986 and we are proud to offer our flight experience of over 57 years and 18,000 hours for your comfort and safety. We operate a Schweizer 333 turbine powered helicopter offering a smooth and comfortable ride. The passenger seating provides for three 170 pound passengers for shorter flights or two larger passengers in greater comfort for longer duration flights. Passenger visibility is excellent from all the seats allowing for a view outside the cabin straight forward and 90 degrees to either side.

Left view to outside Middle view to outside Right view to outside

Aero Optics, Inc. operates under FAA Air Carrier Certificate Number 008A503J offering on demand helicopter cargo and passenger service under visual flight weather conditions during day and night time hours. Our authorized area of en route operation is the USA - The 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia.


Please contact us for a quote on your specific requirement. Rates are based on a one hour minimum for flight time and includes special airport fees, fuel surcharges, per diem and consideration of the number of flight hours for your project.



Aero Optics, Inc.
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