Aerial Video

High Definition Broadcast quality aerial video and associated products are now available from Aero Optics, Inc.

We have been developing this documentation option since 1987 and are proud to announce that all of the individual pieces have finally come together.

Click the link below to see a sample of:

Our Forward Looking Camera Mount

a forward looking camera mount

Our Side Looking Pan And Tilt Camera Mount 

A Side Looking Pan and Tilt Camera Mount


In-house economical helicopter platform options.

Gyro stabilized camera mount.

Choice of fixed mount position for forward looking projects or variable mount position for side looking pan & tilt options.

In-house High Definition solid-state digital camera equipment.

In-house editing or raw imagery if so desired.

Imagery burned to DVD.


Up until now, broadcast quality gyro stabilized video camera imagery was only available with the use of expensive helicopters and special mount equipment. There is now another option and at about one half the cost. Please contact us with your project requirements and realize the savings with our new system and products.

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