Aerial Photography Considerations


A. Does the Project require vertical or oblique imagery?

1. Vertical Imagery: The image is taken from straight above the target area and the dimensions can be scaled off of the photograph.

2. Oblique Imagery: The image is taken at an angle not directly over the subject (to one side) and can be adjusted to meet the project requirements.


B. Is the imagery target area developed or undeveloped?

C. What is the size of the imagery target area?

D. Where is the imagery target area located?

E. How are the images going to be used?

1. Will the images be used for commercial resale?

2. Will digital files be required and what format and file size?

3. Will prints be required and what size?

F. Will the project require digital manipulation?

G. What is the required delivery date of the project? Note - Quality images require acceptable atmospheric conditions and may take longer to obtain.